20+ Funny Birthday Wishes with Cows

Have a friend or family member that raises or likes cows?

Looking for a silly way to tell them “Happy Birthday?”

Take a look at our 20+ funny birthday wishes with cows – 100% unique – that won’t disappoint to get their attention!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes with Cows
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday! If you go out tonight make sure you’re home before the cows fall asleep. That means it’s “pasture” bedtime!

2. Did you hear about the farmer that fed his pregnant cow coffee? He was trying to get “de calf!” Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday! I was going to make you a cake for your special day, but your cows told me they already made you a pie!

4. Cows are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! Happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday! I hope you have an “udderly” fantastic day!

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6. You’re not old, you’re just being put out to pasture! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday! Hope your special day is legen-“dairy!”

8. Whatever you do, make sure your cows never get into a marijuana field! The steaks are too high… Happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday! I was going to get you something for your birthday, but then I remembered you have cows. I can’t compete with that!

10. I don’t always drink milk. But when I do, I prefer to drink it from your cows! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday to my sister from a different mooster!

12. It’s your birthday today? No bull? Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday! I was going to send you a mushy message for your birthday but I wasn’t in the “moooooood!”

14. What do you call two cows staring at you from behind a bush? A “steak” out! Happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday to the person I’d jump over the moon for!

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16. You’re old! Sorry, I hope you don’t take “a fence” to my “barbed” comment! Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday! I’d say let’s go out for pints, but I’m not sure you’d know what I mean…

18. What do you call a Mexican cow with no back legs? “Gracias!” Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday! What do you have in common with a bull calf’s bud? You’re both a “little horny!”

20. I had no idea you had award-winning cows! I saw they were “out standing” in their field! Happy birthday!

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