20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

Is today your niece’s special day?

Searching for a funny and sarcastic way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our 20+ funny birthday wishes for nieces – 100% unique – that won’t disappoint to get some chuckles!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Niece
Memes and Quotes

1. Your name isn’t Denise, but you’ll always be “De Niece” to me! Happy birthday!

2. Happy birthday to the niece that has her father’s eyes! That’s disgusting and he probably needs those!

3. Did you know that you’re more likely to be attractive if your aunt is good-looking? So… you’re welcome! Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday! One day you’ll be an aunt and you can be “Aunty Fun gal” (antifungal) like me! Wait…

5. I know you want to spend time with your friends tonight, but wouldn’t you rather hang out with us? Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday niece! I’d make a joke about your age, but I’m older than you!

7. It still amazes me that a brother as lame as mine made a niece as cool as you! Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday! Did you hear about the scientist that removed her doorbell? She won the “Noble” Prize!

9. Know why you’re never sick? It’s because you have great “auntie”-bodies! Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday to the niece that made me glad I had all sons!

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11. They say that a wonderful family is one of life’s greatest gifts, so… you’re welcome! Happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday! Of all the mistakes my sister made, you’re one of my favorites!

13. I don’t always give my niece beer. But when I do, I make sure they promise not to tell their parents! Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday! Life can be tough unless you have a great aunt like me!

15. When you go out tonight, make sure you’re home before the church lights go off. That means it’s “pastor” bedtime! Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday! Sometimes I may come across as antisocial. Technically, I’d be uncle-social!

17. What do you call a Mexican niece? “Nacho” daughter! Happy birthday!

18. Happy birthday! You’re the favorite daughter of my brother! I think that’s a “niece” thing to say!

19. Why do mermaids wear seashells? Because they’re too big for “B” shells! Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! You’re more than just kind, you’re one of the nicest nieces out there!

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