20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin

Have a cousin that you consider to be more of a friend?

Searching for a unique and sarcastic way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Take a look at our 20+ funny birthday wishes for cousins – 100% one-of-a-kind – that are sure to brighten their day!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday! It’s said that good cousins are one of life’s best gifts, so… you’re welcome!

2. I keep trying to send you a funny joke but it’s getting censored. Happy birthday cousin [twice removed]!

3. Happy birthday! Cousins are God’s reminder of how lame your own siblings are!

4. Have you ever considered what a camping trip would be like if we were both deaf? It would be “quiet in tents!” Happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday! Thanks for always being older than me!

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6. Did you know that James Dean didn’t have any cousins? He was a rebel without a “cuz!” Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!

8. Don’t forget to invite the mushroom to your party! I’ve heard he’s a “fun-gi!” Happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday! We may fight like real siblings, but I’ll always love you like an annoying cousin!

10. You may get teased a lot today about being old, but just remember – old age is “relative!” Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! Remember all of your birthday parties we celebrated together growing up? Your cake has WAY more candles on it now!

12. I’d tease you about your age, but I’m older than you! Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday! Not all of my friends are cousins, only the best ones!

14. Did you hear about the Spanish man that killed his cousin when he stole his model train? It was a pretty loco motive! Happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday! Remember how much we used to sing together when we were little? We were “kid sing” cousins!

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16. I don’t always text my cousin. But when I do, it’s usually to remind him how old he is! Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday to my sister from a different mister!

18. Not saying you have a drinking problem, but if you were Canadian I’d insist that you join “Eh Eh!” Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday! What’s the difference between an apple and an erection? I don’t have an apple…

20. Did you know that Darth Vader had a cab-driving cousin in Switzerland? His name was Taxi Vader! Happy birthday!

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