20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Travelers

Have a family member or friend that likes to go traveling?

Want a funny and unique way to say “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for travelers will make getting older just a little easier!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Travelers
Memes and Quotes

1. Don’t forget to collect your Frequent “Liar” Miles with as much as you’ll fib about your age today! Happy birthday!

2. Happy birthday! You’re the best traveler to ever travel to places that other travelers travel to when traveling!

3. I’d like to visit the Netherlands one day. Wooden shoe? Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday! I thought a road trip might be fun for your birthday, but you’re probably “wheely tire-d” from being so old!

5. I don’t always listen to travel stories. But when I do, I prefer to listen to yours! Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday to the greatest world traveler I know! From your most home-bodied friend!

7. Did you know that mountains aren’t just funny, they’re “hilly areas” (hilarious!) Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday! I called your boss and they said you could take this week off to go traveling!

9. I may like Italy, but I love you a ge-“lot”-o! Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday! Not all my friends like to travel, only the best ones!

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11. Once every generation the world’s most interesting traveler is born. That traveler would like to wish you happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday! Today’s a “suite” day, no need to be so “hostel!”

13. Traveling is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday! Let’s make like Cuba and commit to Havana great time tonight!

15. I don’t care what other people say, I think you’re obsession with traveling is fine. Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday traveler! They say the finest present is buying gifts for your family. You know where I live – I’m ready!

17. Beach please! We’re totally hanging out by the ocean for your birthday! Happy birthday!

18. Happy birthday! Remember that your knees are older now, so be careful with all that island hopping!

19. Some people say they don’t like traveling. Those people suck! Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! I got you a slice of birthday cake from that small aircraft I rode on. Most people liked it but I thought it was a “little plane!”

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