20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Teachers

Have a friend or family member that’s a teacher?

Looking for a funny way to tell them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our 20+ funny birthday wishes for teachers – 100% original – that are guaranteed to get a couple laughs!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Teachers
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday teacher! We’re gonna party like it’s the first day of summer break!

2. The best, most inspiring teacher I know… would like to wish you happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday to my favorite teacher (and I’m not just saying that!)

4. Your smartest, hardest working student… isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you happy birthday!

5. Hey, did you hear the school district was giving teachers a PTO day on their birthday? Me neither.

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6. May all your students be well-behaved and their parents be sane. Happy birthday teacher!

7. Happy birthday! We had a HUGE party planned for you, but the principal said no. So…here’s a pencil.

8. You have the patience of 1,000 monks. Happy birthday teacher!

9. Happy birthday teacher! Sorry, can’t have your parents call to get you out of this one, you really are THAT OLD!

10. Hey, it’s a snow day on your birthday!!! Just kidding…

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11. Happy birthday teacher! Let’s take an unexcused absence and hit the bar early today!

12. I don’t care what the other students say, you’re a great teacher! Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday math teacher! Did you know that birthdays are a SINE you’re getting older?

14. Good news – you’re now one year closer to that pension! Happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday teacher! I tried figuring out how old you are today but realized I only had an 8-digit calculator.

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16. With the party I have planned for you tonight, I’d advise getting lesson plans ready today for your sub tomorrow!

17. Happy birthday teacher – you RULE! You may think that’s an average math pun – how MEAN!

18. Happy birthday! Too bad your school doesn’t have a dozen teachers like you. On second thought…

19. You’re old enough now that those “free periods” should be called “napping periods!” Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday English teacher! I think you’re old enough to officially be crowned the “Gramma of grammar!”

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