20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Tea Lovers

Do you have a family member or friend that LOVES drinking tea?

Want a sarcastic and funny way to say “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our 20+ funny birthday wishes for tea lovers – 100% original – that are sure to get a laugh!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Tea Lovers
Memes and Quotes

1. You and your tea have a TON in common – you’re both hot, sweet, and zesty! Happy birthday tea lover!

2. Happy birthday! Is spiking tea a thing? If so, your party is going to get CRAZY tonight!

3. I don’t care what others are saying, I think your taste in tea is fine. Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday! I called your boss and they said you could stay home and drink tea all day!

5. The tea leaves don’t lie – you’re old! Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday tea lover! They say the finest gift is giving gifts to your family. You know where I live – I’m waiting!

7. I was going to take you to the tea garden for your birthday, but the price was too “steep!”

8. Happy birthday! You’re the best tea drinker to drink tea that other tea drinkers enjoy drinking when they drink tea!

9. Hey, I invited your best friend to your birthday party tonight – Earl Grey!

10. Let’s make like your tea and get into some “hot water” tonight! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! Not all my friends drink tea, only the best ones!

12. Don’t want to spill the beans, but I’ve got a “tea-rrific par-tea” planned for your birthday tonight!

13. Once every generation a person with wonderful taste in tea is born. That person would like to wish you happy birthday!

14. We’re gonna party for your birthday tonight! Do you think the bar serves tea?

15. Happy birthday! Of all my friends, you’re the only one sophisticated enough to drink tea (at least that’s what you tell me!)

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16. I was going to bake you a cake for your birthday, but I had problems finding a tea-flavored cake mix!

17. The world’s biggest tea lover… isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you happy birthday!

18. Happy birthday tea lover! May you be blessed with “long java tea!” (longevity)

19. Let’s make like a tea kettle and blow off some steam for your birthday! I got you some new tea we could try – it’s called “nudi-tea!”

20. Happy birthday! I was going to ask what you wanted to do tonight, but your idea of fun is sitting at home drinking tea!

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