20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Star Wars Fans

Is your friend or colleague a BIG Star Wars fan?

Searching for a funny and sarcastic way to tell them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our 20+ funny birthday wishes for Star Wars fans – 100% original – that are guaranteed to get a couple of laughs!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Star Wars Fans
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday! I hope you don’t spend your birthday night “solo!” But if you do, you’ve always got your “han!”

2. In a world full of stormtroopers, sometimes you need to be a rebel! Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday! I called your boss and they said you could stay home and watch Star Wars movies all day!

4. I don’t care what people may say, I think you’re obsession with Star Wars is fine. Happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday Star Wars fan! They say the most special present is giving gifts to other people. You know what I like – I’ll be watching for it!

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6. Some people say they don’t like Star Wars. Those people suck! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday! You may think you’re a Luke, but you’re definitely a stormtrooper. I’ve used the toilet after you…

8. You a happy birthday, I wish!

9. Hey, I got you a new car for your birthday – a “toy-yoda!” Wait… Happy birthday!

10. I don’t always watch Star Wars movies. But when I do, it’s usually because you forced me to! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! Not all friends watch Star Wars together, only the best ones!

12. Jed-I’ll be! It’s your birthday today! Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday to a great friend! “Yoda” best!

14. They say that a Star Wars fan doesn’t run anywhere. “Ewoks” (he walks)! Happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday! You’re exactly how I like my coffee – hot, strong, and “Darth!”

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16. The world’s biggest Stars Wars fan… isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday! I know getting older isn’t easy, but make sure you always “Luke” on the bright side!

18. Once every generation the world’s #1 Star Wars fan is born. That person would like to wish you happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday! I hope you find a girl that loves Star Wars too, but I think you may be looking for love in “Alderaan” places!

20. Do you want me to bring some “Wookies” and Cream ice cream for your party tonight? Happy birthday!

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