20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Star Trek Fans

Have a friend or family member that LOVES Star Trek?

Want a funny and unique way to say “Happy Birthday?”

Take a look at our 20+ funny birthday wishes for Star Trek fans – 100% one-of-a-kind – that are sure to get their attention!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Star Trek Fans
Memes and Quotes

1. Getting older is just like Star Trek – it’s full of pros and “Khans!” Happy birthday!

2. Happy birthday! Feel like time is flying at warp speed? It’s best to just “Klingon” and enjoy the ride!

3. Did you know that every Star Trek captain had three ears? A left ear, a right ear, and a “final front-ear!” Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday! I tried streaming a Star Trek episode on my phone, but my provider said I hit my Data allowance!

5. Not all of my friends are Star Trek fans, only the best ones! Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday! I was going to mail you something, but I couldn’t “Picard” (pick a card) at the store!

7. I don’t always watch Star Trek. But when I do, it’s normally because you forced me to. Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday! Live long, and prosper!

9. Did you hear about Captain Kirk’s failed attempt at a woman’s underwear business? Nobody wanted to buy “Shatner Panties…” Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday! Instead of strawberry or vanilla, you should have a “Spock”-olate birthday cake!

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11. Whatever you do, don’t wear a Chewbacca costume to a Star Trek convention! That’s a “wookie” mistake! Happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday! I would have texted you sooner but I had to drop a “Captain’s log” first!

13. Did you know that the guns in Star Trek didn’t really shoot lasers? They were “faux”-ton guns! Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday to the Trekkiest person I know!

15. Getting older is like taking a ride on the Enterprise, only you can’t ask Scotty for more power! Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday! You’re not over the hill, you’re just on the final frontier!

17. Did you know they’re creating a new Star Trek series with an all-Latino cast? It’s called Star Trek: The “Mex” Generation! Happy birthday!

18. Happy birthday! We should go out to the bar and celebrate with some “Jim Beam me up” shots!

19. Heard you wanted a normal birthday party? You better Trek yourself before you wreck yourself! Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! You’re a “Star” and I would “Trek” anywhere with you!

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