20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Runners

Is your friend or family member an avid runner?

Looking for a unique way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

We’ve got 20+ funny birthday wishes for runners – 100% original – that they’re sure to enjoy!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Runners
Memes and Quotes

1. Run another mile today, you’ll need the extra calories for your party tonight. Happy birthday runner!

2. You’re not over the hill. You’re on the second split. Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday! You’re going to be way more competitive now in your new age group!

4. I know you’re fast, but age isn’t a race. Happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday runner! I’d let you decide what to do for your birthday, but your idea of fun is running in a straight line!

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6. Thanks for always running slower than me. Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday! Not all friends run together, only the best ones!

8. Your strength, dedication, and intensity make me…hungry. Happy birthday runner!

9. I got you a birthday present I think you’ll really like! An outdoor treadmill!

10. Happy birthday runner! Make like a barber and take a short cut – then come to my place for wine!

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11. Not saying you’re old, but if life was a race you’d be in the cooldown. Happy birthday!

12. What’s the best thing about running in the morning? Guilt-free birthday cake!

13. You’re so old that you may want to think about changing to walking. Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday! You inspired me to start running, but I had to stop because I kept spilling my wine!

15. With the birthday party I have planned tonight, I don’t think you’re running tomorrow morning!

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16. Happy birthday runner! Let’s just stick to our strengths – you with running, me with cake!

17. They say it’s best to run in doubles, but I find it’s better to run with quads. Happy birthday runner!

18. Happy birthday! Heard you ran a 5k. I had no idea you could run 5,000 miles!

19. We’ve been friends forever. If our friendship is a race, it’d be a marathon. Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! Not saying you’re getting old, but I think I saw Velcro on your running shoes.

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