20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Pokémon Fans

Know someone that is absolutely LOVES Pokémon?

Looking for a goofy and silly way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Take a look at our 20+ funny birthday wishes for Pokémon fans – 100% one-of-a-kind – that are sure to get their attention!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Pokémon Fans
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday to one mighty fine lass! And by lass, I mean a boring trainer that battles with five Pidgeys!

2. It’s your birthday today? Shut your Meowth! Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday! I was going to get you a bike for your birthday, but could you believe they wanted $1,000,000 for one?

4. You’re more than just a good friend, you’re legendary! Happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday! Or, it would have been, but Gary had his birthday before you. He is the real birthday boy!

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6. I’d love to hang out with you tonight, but I came down with a bad case of the Pik-ACHOOOOOS! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday! We should make like a Geodude and “rock out” for your birthday!

8. What do you call a police officer that likes doing card tricks? A magic-cop (Magikarp!)

9. Happy birthday! I gave your gift to a 10-year-old from Pallet Town. Have you gotten it yet?

10. I was going to Raichu a letter, but I decided to send you this instead! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! If you want your gift from me, meet me in Rock Tunnel and keep your flash off!

12. Birthdays are like Pokémon – you’ve got to catch them all… before your batteries die! Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday! Would you like to grab a cup of Koffing with me to celebrate?

14. I’d love to wish you a happy birthday, but I’m parched. Have anything to drink?

15. Happy birthday! I hope this year you achieve all of your “Gol”-ducks!

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16. We should go on a trip for your birthday, but plane tickets are expensive. Have you caught that Pidgey yet? Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday! I was so excited about your special day I woke up Abra-ptly this morning! I’m still a little Drowzee!

18. Hope you get to “Poké” something later tonight with your “Dex!” Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday! Hope you have a kick “Ash” day!

20. We should go out for drinks for your birthday! We’re gonna get Electa-“buzzed!” Happy birthday!

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