20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Office Workers, Coworkers, and Employees

Have a coworker at your office that you joke around with? Looking for a unique way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our top 20+ funny birthday wishes for office workers and coworkers!

These “unique” birthday wishes are silly, sarcastic, and sure to get a laugh from your favorite coworker or employee!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Office Workers, Coworkers, and Employees
Memes and Quotes

1. We know that you could spend your birthday with anyone… but aren’t you lucky you get to spend it with us at the office!

2. Happy birthday! One year closer to retiring from this hellhole!

3. Feel free to take one extra item from the supply closet today, you’ve earned it! Happy birthday!

4. Not all friends work together, only the best ones! Happy birthday!

5. Karen from accounting said she wasn’t going to wish you a happy birthday. Screw Karen – Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday! With the lunch break I have planned for us, I wouldn’t schedule anything important this afternoon!

7. Working at this office isn’t easy, but you help make things better! Happy birthday!

8. Hey, did you hear that the office is giving 5 days PTO as birthday presents this year? Me neither. Happy birthday!

9. Heard it was your birthday. Since you’re always stealing my lunches, I hope you enjoy the piece of cake I packed today.

10. I was told the CEO was coming to our office today to wish you happy birthday in person. Make sure you’re on your best behavior!

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11. Wanna go out for lunch today for your birthday? I forgot my wallet at home, do you mind buying?

12. Happy birthday! I had this HUGE party planned, but our boss said no. So… here’s a pencil.

13. Of all the dysfunctional members of our “cubicle family”, I worry about you the most! Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday! You’re the Dwight Schrute to my Jim Halpert!

15. Thank you for being a friend. I take your pens and don’t put them back again. Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday! They say all things get better with age, but they haven’t seen the 3-month old Tupperware container in the breakroom fridge!

17. Happy birthday to the coworker I have to clean up after the least!

18. While our work may not be fun, you keep our office exciting! Happy birthday!

19. Of all the applicants Karen in HR could have picked, I’m glad she hired you! Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! After 8 hours at the office, I hope you still have the energy to enjoy your party tonight!

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