20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor that you also consider a friend?

Looking for a sarcastic and funny way to say “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for neighbors will make getting older just a little easier!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Neighbors
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday neighbor! Instead of a gift, how about I give you dandelions, tree leaves, and grass clippings all year long?

2. Hey neighbor! Can I borrow a cup of sugar? I’m trying to bake you a birthday cake!

3. The best neighbor on our block… isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday neighbor! People say the finest gift is buying presents for others. You know where I live – I’ll be watching for it!

5. Once every generation the world’s best neighbor is born. That neighbor would like to wish you happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday! Hey, are you having a party tonight? Remember that my window looks right into your living room!

7. I really don’t care what the others say, I think you’re a fine neighbor. Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday! When you have a neighbor as good as me, do I really need to get you a gift?

9. You’re not old, you’re just “on the fence!” Happy birthday neighbor!

10. Happy birthday to the best neighbor on the block! From your most mediocre neighbor!

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11. I consider you my most neighborly friend! Happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday! Not all my friends are neighbors, only the best ones!

13. I don’t always talk to my neighbors. But when I do, I wish them happy birthday!

14. I like my neighbors like I like my coffee – bold, sweet, and only seen in the morning! Happy birthday!

15. It’s your birthday today? No shed! Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday to my most musical neighbor… with the worst taste in music!

17. Some people don’t talk to their neighbors – those people suck! Happy birthday neighbor!

18. Happy birthday to my nosiest neighbor! From your nosiest neighbor!

19. You’re not old, you’re just a historic neighbor! Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! We’re gonna party like we don’t have a noise ordinance!

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