20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Male Best Friends

Have a buddy that’s like a brother?

Want a funny or insulting way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our top 20+ funny birthday wishes for male best friends – 100% original – that are sure to get a laugh!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Male Best Friends
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!

2. Thanks for always being shorter than me. Happy birthday best friend!

3. Happy birthday! One good thing about getting older is forgetting all the stupid stuff we’ve done!

4. Once every generation a real lady’s man is born. That man would like to wish you happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday to my best friend…with the hottest mom!

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6. Happy birthday! We’ve been best friends through lean times, fat times, and really fat times!

7. They say you’re only as old as you feel…except you, you’re EXCEPTIONALLY old! Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday best friend! I called your girlfriend and she said you can come out drinking tonight!

9. Hey, remember when you had hair? Probably not, old people have pretty bad memories. Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday! I’d say you’re like a brother to me, but I can’t stand my family!

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11. Hey man, invited all your ex-girlfriends to your birthday party tonight. Hope you don’t mind!

12. Happy birthday! Think you can get your balls back from your girl and go out partying tonight?

13. Heard the doctor said you need glasses. Think these will work? Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday best friend! Out of 7 billion people, somehow I got stuck with you!

15. Remember how much we drank in college? We’re gonna make younger us look like chumps tonight! Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday! Glad we’re best friends, love you buddy – no homo!

17. Not saying your balls are getting saggy, but I’d watch my step if I was you. Happy birthday!

18. No happy birthday wish for you. Come back in one year!

19. Happy birthday! Glad we’re best friends…I look great standing next to you!

20. We’ve made some POUR decisions together best friend! Happy birthday!

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