20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for LGBTQ Friends

Have a family member or friend that’s LGBTQ?

Searching for a funny and sarcastic way to tell them “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for LGBTQ friends will make their birthday just a little easier!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for LGBTQ Friends
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday! The best LGBTQ friends aren’t made, they’re born that way!

2. Hey, it’s your birthday today! Happy birth-gay!

3. Happy birthday to our family’s rainbow sheep!

4. Once every generation the world’s gayest person is born. That person would like to wish you happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday! I’m so excited for your birthday I can’t think “straight!”

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6. Let’s be “queer,” I don’t think you’re that old! I don’t care what anyone says! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday friend! They say the greatest present is giving gifts to your friends. You know where I work – I’ll be waiting!

8. Good friends are priceless! For a great trans friend like you, I’d give both nuts! Happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday! I know birthdays aren’t easy, but just remember that “Momma said there’d be ‘gays’ like this!”

10. Still claiming you’re only 29? “Lesbi” honest, I’m not sure people are buying it anymore! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! Not all my friends are gay, only the best ones!

12. Happy birthday friend! I’d ask you how old, but I can never get a “straight” answer from you!

13. Happy birthday! You’re the gayest person to ever gay with other gay people that are also gay!

14. It’s your birthday? “Les” go party! Happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday to my best friend! We go together like PB & gay!

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16. I wish you a happy birth-gay and an awesome new queer!

17. Happy birthday friend! Sorry, can’t talk long… ok, “bi!”

18. I’m so proud it’s your special day that we should throw a parade! Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday trans friend! My birthday wish is that you find the best addadicktomy/lopitoffofmy surgeon out there!

20. Let’s Go Birthday Trans! We’re gonna party hard tonight! Happy birthday!

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