20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Horse Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member that LOVES horses?

Looking for a unique way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out 20+ funny birthday memes and quotes for horse lovers that are sure to get a laugh!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Horse Lovers
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday! No need for “long faces” today.

2. Hay! Happy birthday!

3. You’re getting pretty old. Do they make handicap parking stickers for horses?

4. I’d love to take you out tonight for your birthday if it’s not “pasture” bedtime.

5. Happy birthday! Sent you a bushel of apples, but I think your horses got to them first.

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6. Hey neigh-bor! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday friend! Hope your next year is as “stable” as your horse’s.

8. Want to go out to eat for your birthday? I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!

9. Happy birthday! Let someone else shovel the horse poop today.

10. I’d say we’re best friends, but I know you like your horse more. Happy birthday!

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11. Your horse called to let me know it’s your birthday. I asked him how he got cell signal at your house.

12. I called your boss and he said it’s ok if you take today off to go riding. Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday friend! I was going to call you, but my voice was a little “horse”.

14. Heard you got a horse for your husband on your birthday. Sounds like a good trade to me.

15. Wanna hear a dirty joke for your birthday? A horse fell in the mud!

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16. We’re gonna party tonight, just have to hold your horses and get through the day. Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday! Nope, it’s not a “night-mare”, you really are that old!

18. Happy 40th birthday! In horse years, you’d be dead!

19. Put on your clean boots, we’re going dancing. Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday old man! Just horsin’ around, you’re not THAT old.

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