20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Guitar Players

Know someone that likes to play their guitar?

Looking for a funny and sarcastic way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for guitar players will make getting older just a little easier!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Guitar Players
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday! You’re not over the hill, you’re just on your encore performance!

2. It’s your birthday today? No “pluck”! Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday! I talked to your boss and they said you could miss work today to jam out on your guitar!

4. Some people don’t like guitar music. Those people suck! Happy birthday!

5. Happy birthday to the best guitar player I know! From your most tone-deaf friend!

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6. You’re getting too old to play guitars that cool! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday guitar player! People say the greatest present is buying gifts for others. You know the guitars I like – I’m waiting!

8. I don’t really care what people say, I think you’re a great guitar player! Happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday! You’re the best guitar player to play guitar with guitars that other guitar players also use to play guitars!

10. Once every generation a terrific guitar player is born. That guitar player would like to wish you happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! I would ask your guitar how old you were but it’s such a “lyre!”

12. Guitars are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday! Don’t get into too much “treble” tonight!

14. The nation’s best vocalist isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you a happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday! Not all my friends play guitar, only the best ones!

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16. You play guitar pretty well for an old guy! Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday old man! Sorry, didn’t mean to “strike a chord!”

18. I don’t always listen to guitar music. But when I do, I prefer to listen to yours! Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday guitar player! Remember that age is just a number. There’s no need to “fret!”

20. May all your strings be tuned and your songs be rock & roll! Happy birthday!

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