20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member that LOVES dogs?

Wish them a funny (and unique) “Happy Birthday!” with these funny birthday wishes for dog lovers below!

Both of you are sure to enjoy these clever ways to say happy birthday!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers
Memes and Quotes

1. Hey, just wanted to wish you a hap… SQUIRREL!

2. Happy birthday! Who wants their belly rubbed?

3. Excited for your birthday party tonight? It’s gonna be off-leash!

4. Happy birthday! Hope your day’s not shih-ty!

5. Happy birthday dog lover! I went all out and picked up the fancy kibble for dinner tonight!

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6. Hope you have a doggone good day! Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday! Want to go bark at people in the park?

8. I’m so excited it’s your birthday I’ve been running in circles all morning!

9. Hey, let’s go on a trip to New Yorkie City! Happy birthday!

10. Bichon please! We’re gonna get crazy for your birthday!

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11. Happy birthday friend! Got you some pup-cakes!

12. Hey, got you a present! Just can’t remember where I buried it!

13. Happy birthday dog lover! If you’re not busy tonight, wanna go sniff some butts?

14. I called your husband and he said you could get a puppy! Happy birthday!

15. Hey dog lover! I’d see if you want to go dancing for your birthday, but I know you have two left feet!

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16. Did you get the gift I sent you? I’m terrier-fied you didn’t like it!

17. Happy birthday dog lover! Not to say you’re a babe, but aye chihuahua!

18. Like a dog in your back yard, I “dig” you friend! Happy birthday!

19. Tonight, you get one wish for your birthday. Labra-cadabra!

20. We may fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but I just wanted to wish you happy birthday!

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