20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Doctors

Is your family member or friend a doctor?

Searching for a funny and unique way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

Check out our 20+ funny birthday wishes for doctors – 100% original – that are sure to get a couple of laughs!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Doctors
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday doctor! Heard you were spending your birthday at the hospital? You party animal!

2. It’s your birthday today? No “shot!” Happy birthday!

3. Some people say they don’t like the doctor. Those people suck! Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday doctor! What’s the best thing about getting older? Your hair starts matching your lab coat!

5. The world’s best patient… isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you a happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday! Not all my friends are doctors, only the best ones!

7. I wasn’t sure what to get you for your birthday, so… I got you a stool sample! Happy birthday!

8. Once every generation the world’s best doctor is born. That doctor would like to wish you happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday doctor! They say the best present is giving gifts to other people. You know where I live – I’m waiting!

10. I don’t always make poor health decisions. But when I do, I make sure I don’t tell you! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday! You’re the best doctor to ever doctor people that need doctoring!

12. I don’t care what people are saying, I think you’re a fine doctor! Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday! I was going to get us “shots” for your birthday but realized it may be “in vein!”

14. All of the nurses know it’s your birthday today – they think you’re old too! Happy birthday doctor!

15. Happy birthday! Did you hear about the guy that had his whole left side cut off? He’s “all right” now!

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16. Don’t try counting the candles on your birthday cake tonight – we both have to work tomorrow! Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday doctor! Let’s go out tonight and “cell-ebrate!”

18. I was going to send you something funny for your birthday but I didn’t want you in “stitches!” Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday! We were all going to go out for your birthday – “urine” (you’re in) right?

20. How about we visit the bartender and get our “shots?” Happy birthday doctor!

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