20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for DJs

Is your friend or family member a DJ or music lover?

Wish them a “Happy Birthday!” with these funny birthday wishes for DJs memes and quotes below.

You both are sure to love these clever ways to say happy birthday!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for DJs
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy Birthday DJ! I’d say let’s party, but I’m worried that’s too much like work for you. So…let’s be bored at home.

2. For the “record”, I think you’re an “A-side” friend. Happy birthday!

3. You think we could get a discount if we partied at your club tonight? Happy birthday DJ!

4. Guess who told me it was your birthday? Wika-wika-wikipedia!

5. Wanna go for a swim on your birthday? Oh right, I forgot that DJ’s “sync”. Happy birthday!

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6. I was going to take you to the market for your birthday, but I’m afraid you’ll “drop the beets”. Happy birthday!

7. You’re too old to have a job this cool. Have a great birthday DJ!

8. Lettuce turnip the beet and party like its 1899! Happy birthday DJ!

9. I didn’t know that DJ’s with gray hair was a “thing”. Happy birthday!

10. Partying for your birthday is like having birthday sex as a gynecologist – it’s just another day at the office.

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11. It’s your birthday? Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care!

12. I heard you turned down a gig at the Canadian Y. Makes sense, because “why emcee, eh?” Happy birthday DJ!

13. URAQT DJ. Happy Birthday!

14. How many tries do you need to blow out your candles? Just one more. Happy birthday DJ!

15. Thought we could go play pool tonight, but then I remembered you always “scratch”. Happy birthday DJ!

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16. Like your records, I think you’re vintage now. Have a great birthday DJ!

17. My grandma’s nursing home called and wanted you to DJ their spring social. Happy birthday buddy!

18. Let’s make like a clumsy fisherman and “drop the bass”. Happy birthday!

19. How old is too old to be a DJ? I think you’re getting close. Have a great birthday!

20. You’re the best DJ to ever DJ music that gets DJ’ed. Happy birthday!

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