20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Democrats

Is your friend, family member, or colleague a Democrat?

Searching for a funny and sarcastic way to tell them “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for Democrats are sure to get a couple of chuckles!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Democrats
Memes and Quotes

1. Happy birthday to the friend I can never win a political argument against!

2. Happy birthday! I like my friends how I like my houses – sturdy, dependable, and left-leaning!

3. We’re gonna party like it’s 1828! Happy birthday Democrat!

4. Happy birthday to my best friend… that I can’t introduce to my other friends because they won’t shut up about politics!

5. I don’t care what others are saying, I don’t think you’re too conservative. Happy birthday Democrat!

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6. Happy birthday! Remember when the Democrats honored you for constantly discussing their talking points? Me neither…

7. They say the best things in life are FREE… like good friends, college, and healthcare! Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday! Not all my friends vote Democrat, only the best ones!

9. Once every generation the world’s best Democrat is born. That Democrat would like to wish you happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday Democrat! Here’s an idea – how about you wish for a brain when you blow out your candles?

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11. The fact that you vote Democrat proves that maturity doesn’t come with age. Happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday Democrat! People say the finest present is giving gifts to other people. You know what I like – I’ll be watching for it!

13. Good news – It’s your birthday! Bad news – The combined IQ of you and 4 of your closest Democrat friends is still lower than your age!

14. Happy birthday Democrat! Here’s a thought – let’s test-run this socialism idea and split your birthday gifts 50/50!

15. We’re gonna get “presidential election night where Democrat wins” drunk tonight! Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday Democrat! Your greatest feature is that you are 100% ok being wrong on almost every political subject!

17. Happy birthday! You’re the best Democrat to vote Democrat for things that need to be Democrat-ed!

18. Your #1 fan heard it was your special day and wanted to personally wish you “Happy birthday!”

19. Good news – you may feel old, but you’re still only 29 in electoral college years! Happy birthday Democrat!

20. Happy birthday Democrat! Sorry I can’t make your 2pm birthday party – I’m the only friend of yours that has a job!

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