20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Blondes

Have a friend or family member that’s a blonde?

Searching for a sarcastic and funny way to wish them “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for blondes are sure to get a couple of chuckles!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Blondes
Memes and Quotes

1. Friends don’t let friends dye their hair dark. Happy birthday blonde!

2. Happy birthday to my blondest friend… with the darkest eyebrows!

3. They say that blondes have more fun. I can’t wait for your party tonight! Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday blonde! Don’t worry, your age is safe with me… and your hairstylist!

5. I heard that going blonde instantly lowers your age by 20 years! Sorry, I meant to say your IQ! Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday! Unfortunately, age isn’t something you can fix with a $19.99 bottle from the store!

7. Once every generation the world’s most beautiful blonde is born. That blonde would like to wish you happy birthday!

8. They say that age is just a number… until you go blonde! Happy birthday!

9. Heard it’s your special day! Hairy blonde-day you sexy thing!

10. I called your boss and they said you could take the day off to get your hair done! Just kidding! Happy birthday!

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11. Happy birthday to the most extreme gray-hair fighter I know!

12. Happy birthday to the friend where “bottles up” means that we’re dying our hair!

13. Hey, you’re one year older today! No need to “wig” out!

14. Happy birthday blondie! They say the best gift is buying gifts to others. You remember where I live – I’ll be waiting!

15. Happy birthday! I heard that birthday cake makes your hair more blonde, so make sure to have an extra slice!

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16. I don’t care what others may say, I think your blonde hair is natural. Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday! Not all my friends are blondes, only the best ones!

18. Hey, were you invited on the blonde expedition to the sun? Don’t worry, they’re going at night! Happy birthday!

19. Happy birthday! Once you go blonde, you don’t look beyond!

20. Happy birthday! Don’t freak out thinking your table’s on fire tonight – those are just all the candles on your cake!

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