20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Artists and Painters

Does your friend or colleague like to paint?

Searching for a sarcastic and funny way to tell them “Happy Birthday?”

These 100% original 20+ funny birthday wishes for artists and painters are sure to get a couple of laughs!

20+ Funny Birthday Wishes for Artists and Painters
Memes and Quotes

1. I was going to get you a gift for your birthday, but I decided to just get you a card with “Monet” instead! Happy birthday!

2. Happy birthday! I spoke to your boss and they said you could stay home today and paint!

3. I don’t always discuss art. But when I do, it’s normally because you’ve forced me to! Happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday! Inspired by you, I once tried to paint the sky. I “blue” it…

5. You’re not old, you’re just a work in progress! Happy birthday!

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6. Happy birthday to one of the “sketchiest” and “shadiest” artists I know!

7. Most artists appreciate the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Some artists, like you, are old enough to have met him in person! Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday! You’re the best painter to ever paint things that can be painted!

9. I heard you had to work on your birthday. “Easel” up and take the day off! Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday! Do you want to “van Gogh” out tonight to celebrate?

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11. Once every generation a terrific artist is born. That artist would like to wish you happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday artist! People say the greatest present is giving gifts to your family. You know where I live – I’m waiting…

13. Some people say they don’t like art. Those people suck! Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday! Did you hear about the new blonde paint? It’s not very bright, but it spreads easy!

15. Art is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! Happy birthday!

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16. Happy birthday! Not all of my friends are artists, only the best ones!

17. You paint pretty well for an old guy! Happy birthday!

18. Happy birthday! I was going to buy you some new pencils, but I know you prefer to paint so I thought it was “pointless!”

19. I really don’t care what everybody says, I think you’re a great painter! Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday! I just spoke to your paintbrush and he wanted me to tell you, at your age, to watch out for “strokes!”

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